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DCC010 – CFO to Video Pro (feat. Mark Spencer)

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We get a chance to talk to a real FCPX evangelist. Mark Spencer is probably the most knowledgable person on the planet when it comes to Apple’s Motion and an accomplished plug-in developer. We discuss his background, how he got into this business and we get his stance on FCPX and the new Mac Pro.

Ripple Training

Mark on Twitter


DCC009 – We talk some Smac (feat. Brian Mulligan)

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Alex and Brian gang up on Chris and try to encourage him to look at Autodesk Smoke on Mac. Chris introduces the “Fenwick Software Awareness Continuum” and we revisit our discussion about Adobe and hear about some their “other” areas of their business.

Brian’s web site


Autodesk Smoke Training on YouTube

@TristanChaika our WordPress expert

Tristan’s Vimeo Channel

DCC008 – Frenemies & Coopitition (feat. Al Mooney)

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On this episode of digitalCINEMAcafe we talk with Al Mooney who is the product manager of Premiere Pro at Adobe. We get into a very deep discussion about Creative Cloud for Teams and how it works. Alex and Chris also get into a bit of a recap of the new Mac Pro from Apple that was announced at WWDC 2013 on Monday.

Al talks about Premier Pro

More on Adobe Anywhere

Al mentions a Conan O’Brien Clip

After realizing that we forgot to ask Al “The questions” we contacted him to get at least the last question answered. Today he let us know by email. Here was his answer to the question. If you were stranded on a deserted island with a magical DVD player that didn’t need electricity what would be the one movie you would take with you to presumably watch for the rest of your life. His answer…

Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Because I see something new in it
every time. Because it was one of the first times I sat in a cinema with
my jaw on the floor for the whole movie. Because it’s beautiful, ethereal
and magical. And because I am getting tingles in my spine just thinking
about it. 🙂

7 in 7 – DONE.

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It’s been a long seven days and we’ve worked really hard to bring you a full week of interesting, knowledgable people and although we know its probably not possible to expect every listener to have the time (this week) to listen to every interview, we are convinced that the story arc of the whole week is worth your time.

Although we’ve learned a lot these past few weeks bringing you this first seven days of programming, we FULLY understand we have a lot to learn. We’ve been researching better mics and plug ins but we are also examining the best way to bring you quality material in a timely fashion.

Basically, we want digitalCINEMAcafe to be an enjoyable experience for a large audience but never at the risk of watering down the content. Our “upcoming guest list” on the google docs is full of wonderful insightful people that we are sure you’ll enjoy hearing from because WE want to talk to them too.

So, from Alex and Chris, we sincerely want to thank everyone for each and every download and we promise to continue to bring you the best show we can muster.





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