DCC003 – Content Delivery (feat. Dave Dugdale)


Today we talk to Dave Dugdale of learningDSLRvideo.com and hear how he got into this crazy business. He also delves deep into his custom content delivery system, using wordpress, vimeo and a $5 a month web hosting service.

Dave’s site : learningDSLRvideo.com

Alex’s webinar: http://vimeo.com/67332471

Spy Vs. Guy: http://vimeo.com/64660267

7 thoughts on “DCC003 – Content Delivery (feat. Dave Dugdale)

  1. Tristan

    Hey Alex and Chris and Dave, loving the new podcast. I just finished listening to this one during my daily commute. Dave was great. As a WordPress developer in addition to being a video guy, I especially loved hearing about how he approaches his websites, and what kind of plugins he finds useful. The Kenny Stoff podcast was enlightening, too. Can’t wait to listen to the next few. Anyway, I thought I’d send some words of encouragement as you embark on this new journey. Keep up the good work. The only thing that I’m pining away for is the closing music and the “try to get the picture on the TV” line from the DCP! Maybe you can misappropriate that from Carl??

    If you ever have need any help with the WordPress, feel free to pick my brain.

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