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DCC005 – Photography & Philosophy (feat. Topher Martini)

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Topher Martini is truly a deep thinker.  Topher makes you reexamine so many aspects and facets of art, creativity, and life. We discuss technology and art and how the two intersect in our lives. Topher is also a software technician at Lytro and discusses “light field image capture” and what all that  means. He is also a talented and gifted photographer and technologist and we are proud that he is a friend of digitalCINEMAcafe.

Topher Martini

Topher’s Flickr Site



DCC004 – When does gear get in the way? (feat. Jason Wingrove)

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Today we get to chat with Jason Wingrove, half of the RC show from Sydney Australia. We  get to talk about the importance (or not) of the equipment we use. We have a little discussion about Jason’s recent bout with FCPX and we actually get to stump the man… that’s right… for a few moments… he is speechless.

Jason’s site

Sea Pool

The RC


DCC003 – Content Delivery (feat. Dave Dugdale)

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Today we talk to Dave Dugdale of and hear how he got into this crazy business. He also delves deep into his custom content delivery system, using wordpress, vimeo and a $5 a month web hosting service.

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Alex’s webinar:

Spy Vs. Guy: