DCC012 – Watch Your Footage! (feat. Scott Simmons)


Scott Simmons talks about his technique in an edit and we go thru a brief rundown of how he chooses which platform to cut on.

Avid AMA

Scott’s website

Scott’s blog

3 thoughts on “DCC012 – Watch Your Footage! (feat. Scott Simmons)

  1. DexterGresh

    Hey guys… really interesting hearing from someone who knows first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of all 4 major platforms. I’m a confirmed Avid guy (since 1991?!) and I just have to say that Chris, if you’re only Avid experience was during the Xpress-Pro debacle, then you really should give it another look.

    I do want to clarify one thing Scott said though, about batch exporting. He said you can’t do that in Avid, but you definitely can. I’m exporting 20 sequences right now as I type. The only limitation is that all the clips or sequences have to be exported with the same export settings, you can’t mix and match without starting a new export. And yes, it will be great when we can do all of that in the background.

    Thank again for a great show!

  2. Scott Simmons

    Thanks for that comment Dexter.

    You know about the time we got off that episode I got to thinking that Media Composer did actually have batch export. I always forget about it since it’s so simple. Select what you want in a bin then export. I’ve only ever used it on sequences and not very much as it seems like I’m usually only exporting one edit at a time in Avid where FCP7 often required a big batch. But goes to show that you never know everything about a big app like an NLE!

  3. chrisfenwick Post author

    thx for the comment Scott… its true… these apps we choose to learn are deep… I learn new things, (or am reminded about them) daily too. Not sure if you read my tweet this past week but I had a great session that just went soo smooth. I ended up apply some of what I picked up from you and Paul Schneider on DCC0113.

    Thx again for joining us on the show!

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