DCC017 – Three O’s Of Data (feat. Topher Martini)


Hard drives and data were what we decided to talk about and who better then our friend Topher Martini. Topher worked for over 10 years for a company that used to make ultra high end data storage systems. We go DEEEP into data issues and how to keep all your files safe.


2 thoughts on “DCC017 – Three O’s Of Data (feat. Topher Martini)

  1. swblackwood

    Very useful episode. Made RAID more clear. Currently I am using RAID 1 for redundancy but I am still nervous as the darn thing is still on site. The problem with the “Cloud” is that it would take virtually forever to get all the data there.

  2. markusrytilahti

    Excellent episode!
    Any plans of releasing the whole conversation where you cut of in the episode? I would love to here him take about the in deep stuff you cut out.Thanks in advance!
    / Markus

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