DCC018 – Practical Effects and a Full Toolbox (feat. Fon Davis)


Growing up post Star Wars we all have come to expect a level of “realism” from our Science Fiction. Fon Davis watched Luke, Han and Leia at the age of 7 and KNEW he had to be apart of the creators of that universe. If you don’t know who Fon Davis is, check out his IMDB page and then listen to this episode. You’re in for quiet a ride.

Fon Davis on IMDB

Fon Davis on Twitter

 Neill Blomkamp   – Director of Elysium

Rancho Obe Wan



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One thought on “DCC018 – Practical Effects and a Full Toolbox (feat. Fon Davis)

  1. terry fenwick

    Still listening but this is one great interview – you could not have better enthusiasm by everyone! I have never even seen Star Trek – but, I can see to have a full life, I have to go backward and see these movies. I have seen some Star Wars but need to really see them through the “eyes of wonder” – I really like Fon – is this really his name?

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