DCC022 – Uncharted Fenwick Territory (feat. Battiste & Esther)


Battiste Fenwick & Esther Julie-Anne are the first married couple to simultaneously show films at the Telluride Film Festival. In this episode we talk about how they both lived the story of their films and how the two films are intertwined.

UCLA Newsletter about Battiste and Esther

Una Chanza Mas (One More Chance)

Out of Love

Telluride Film Festival


Casque d’Or

Terry Fenwick’s Blog


2 thoughts on “DCC022 – Uncharted Fenwick Territory (feat. Battiste & Esther)

  1. Terry Fenwick

    This is a great blog – hope you can have these two back again with more questions and answers. Seriously, it is not because they are family – but it was such an interesting interview. I would like to hear about what all happens at the Telluride Film Festival – it is not just a one night program. You both are good at this! I really like your comments before and after.

    Good blog. You compliment each other.

  2. sgreszcz

    Really enjoyed this episode of DCC! Interesting guests, good banter and stories. My favorite so far, but also liked the one with Jem Schofield and Fon Davis. Probably for the same reasons, good characters and interesting back-stories.

    Thanks for the shownotes, as it is a great way to find out more about the guests’ work as well as other technical stuff that you talk about.

    I appreciate the good work, the show keeps getting better and better!

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