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FCG004 – FCPX Plugins and Audio Tricks (feat. Ben Consoli)

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Ben Consoli is a Director and Editor in Boston and an early adopter of Final Cut Pro X. We discuss workflow in and out of FCPX as well as some Keyboard Shortcut Customization logic and Ben schools me on a keyboard shortcut I had been looking for to Toggle the Color Corrector on and off. We also get HYPER nerdy talking about Audio Editing in FCPX.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Ben Consoli – @benconsoli

Just some of the Plugins we mention on this episode

X to Pro

7 to X

X to 7

3D Perspective

Organic Light Leaks

Whip Pan and Tilt Bundle

Natress Curves for FCPX

Crumple Pop – We bet everything on Final Cut Pro X

Ben’s Audio Swap out tutorial

Ben’s Company – BC Media Productions


FCG003 – Reading the FCPX Tea Leaves (feat. Alex Gollner)

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Many people know Alex as a plugin writer for FCPX but his real background is as a designer and an editor. In this discussion we hear how Alex came to the decision to use FCPX in his own work.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Alex Gollner – @Alex4d


The Grow/Shrink plug-in we discussed.

Thank you Alex for your FCPX Grill Show Notes… you’re amazing.