Tutorial – FCPX 10.1 Window Dubs with Source Timecode


This is a good trick if you need to make window dubs of the timecode in your actual clip and not just the timeline timecode. This is idea if you need to send out for transcriptions and even MORE important if you were taking timecode notes on the set.

One thought on “Tutorial – FCPX 10.1 Window Dubs with Source Timecode

  1. Detlev

    Sorry. I got the information about your tutorial only now.

    The easier way to get to the same result is: Open an effect project in Motion, add the Timecode generator to the Drop Zone, make sure that the basis for the generator is the “Project” (to be seen in the information window), place and size the generator window over the Drop Zone, save it as “TC” or something like that.

    The reason, why it is easier to use the effect instead of a generator is, that you only have to create the Compound Clip from each clip involved. Place them all into the Timeline and give them the self created effect “TC”.

    That’s it. Not necessary to open up each Compound Clip and place a generator of the exact length.

    Regards Detlev

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