FCG010 – FCPX Not for Everyone? (feat. Art Guglielmo)


Never say we’re biased on FCPX Grill. Art found the show on the iTunes and has been listening since the beginning. He had some points he wanted to share with me and one day via twitter, we got into a discussion that was very interesting. He was commenting that we got a little to snarky (my word, not his) about other systems and wanted to point out the “other side of the story”. So, trying to be fair and balanced (not like those guys), I decided to have him on the show. Within hours I had him on the Skyper and this was the discussion we had.

We also discussed, long form projects and “heavy timelines”.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Art Guglielmo – @artgug

Mentioned on Show:

Major League Baseball