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DCC033 – Reactionary Know How (feat. Andrew Maggio)

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“Reactionary know how.” That’s what Andrew Maggio described as the key skill of an editor. Andrew was introduced to us by Paul Schnieder from DCC015. He’s worked at Digital Kitchen in Chicago and is a well respected cutter. He tells us about “four walling” as well as his frustration with the “nudge nudge nudge nope” style of editing.


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FCG007 – Teaching the Kids (feat. Chip Dizard)

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Teaching FCPX to up and coming editors is an important aspect of understanding how this tool will work into the coming years. Chip Dizard is an Apple Certified Trainer and has been teaching FCPX to High School and University level students for 2 years. In this episode we’ll hear Chip’s take on the application and hear how he’s using it in his online training site, Web Video Chef’s.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Chip Dizard – @chipdizard

FCG006 – Transcoding, Rolls, and Stems (feat. Anthony Moreschi)

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Changing our mindset and taking a slightly different look at things can totally change your viewpoint. Anthony and I discuss the use of Rolls and how they can help you when it comes to exporting individual stems at the end of a project. We also get into a bit of how to organize your FCPX Events and we both express our newfound love of the Timeline Index.

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Anthony Moreschi – @Strungout_v1

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Timeline Index – Globally mute all sound efx

Moving templates between machines. I think I should do a Tutorial.

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