FCG011 – Affordable, Desirable, Admirable (feat. Ron Dawson)


The origin of FCPX Grill can be traced back to a discussion that Ron Dawson of Dare Dreamer Mag and I had in late 2013. I called him up and asked HIM if he’d have me on HIS podcast, Crossing the 180. From that discussion I decided that I really enjoyed talking about Final Cut Pro X and so a show was born. Ron and Chris also go into the difference between our backup policies.

Although this episode was recorded before the release of 10.1 there is a lot of good content here, Enjoy.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com@chrisfenwick
Ron Dawson – @daredreamermag

Adam Christiansen MacCast Episode

Discussion about how Compound clips changed a few versions ago

Compound Clip Evangelist – FCP.co blog post John Davidson – Magic Feather Inc.

Get Backup Pro $15 feature called “Versioning” on or off?

Backups for Final Cut Pro $18

Topher Talking about Backups on DCC017 Three O’s of Data