Being a Guest on our Shows

Thank you so much for deciding to be a guest on digitalCINEMAcafe or FCPX Grill.

To ensure the best possible experience both for you and our listeners, some basic “Skype” setup will be required.

If you are not an experienced “podcaster” with a proper mic and headphones fear not. There are alternatives.

Its very important that you are using some sort of headphones or headset, and ideally, you have an external mic.

There are three possible setups you can choose from.

BLOG_iphone_stereo_mic_headset3. That’ll do…

You may already have all you need to broadcast. We’ve done this with guests several times. Since the vast majority of our guests, coming from the creative world, tend to have Macs and many have iPhones as well you already own everything you’ll need.  Use your wired headset that came with your iPhone and plug it into the headphone jack of your MacBook Pro. Magically, it is also a mic jack.

BLOG_USB_headset2. Not Bad…

If you want a simpler setup, a good quality USB headset mic can do the trick, only one thing to plug in, very simple. Plantronics makes a wide variety of headsets and many work very well with your computer. The current “favorite” is the Plantronics Audio 650. Once plugged into your computer it will show up as both an audio SOURCE and an audio DESTINATION in both your System Preferences as well as the Preferences in Skype.  You’ll want to select the Audio 650 as both your Microphone as well as your “Speaker” in the Audio/Video tab of the Skype Preferences.

Plantronics Audio 655

BLOG_Rockstar1. Rock Star Setup…

For several years I have used this exact set up. It is a quality mic that won’t break the bank (you may have one from when you were in a band in high school). The headphones are totally pro reference headphones, although you can use others, and the real key in the USB audio adapter. It needs no drivers to work.

Shure mic and USB adapter combo package

Totally rockin pro headphones – (you can use others)

A cheap easy stand for your desk

Setting Up Skype –

Regardless of what set up you use you’ll have to download Skype and set up an account if you haven’t already. Once loaded you’ll need to choose your audio input and output to work in the Skype Preferences pane. We’ll send you more details about what account to look for as we get closer.

One Last Suggestion

BLOG_ZoomH4nA lot of us own a Zoom H4n as a field audio recorder. A little known fact about that gizmo, is that you can use it as an audio interface between your cool pro mics that we own as filmmakers, and our computers. Using it, you can get your XLR mic plugged into your laptop and then select the H4n as a source, and destination for that matter, in the Skype Audio/Video Preferences. Here is a link to a video that describes much of the process, we’ll make our own that is more complete someday in all our spare time.