FCG013 – Same Day Edits (feat. Alban Egger)


Range Based Keywords, Rolls, Digital Signage and Same Day Edits in FCPX. Author of the FCPX Megatest, Alban Eggers is based in Innsbruck Austria and has been using Final Cut Pro X since 10.0.0. Alban tells multiple stories of doing harrowing short turn around jobs with FCPX for Red Bull and broadcast television in Europe.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Alban Egger – http://www.eggermedia.com – @eggermedia

FCPX Megatest

Final Cut Pro in Action

Windows 95 “Start Me Up”

Favorite Quote from the episode.
“on FCP7 it was a job – FCPX it was a breeze”

Rolls… for localization

Hotel in Italy using FCPX for digital signage…
Erika.it Hotel

Recommended by Alban to me to watch after the show…
Untold History of the United States