FCG014 – 10.1 Break Down (feat. Scott Simmons)


Triple threat, veteran editor, Scott Simmons joins us on The Grill and we go thru the new features of FCPX 10.1 with fresh eyes and examine in detail just how well Apple did with this massive upgrade to Final Cut Pro X.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Scott Simmons – http://www.scottsimmons.tv – @scottsimmons

One thought on “FCG014 – 10.1 Break Down (feat. Scott Simmons)

  1. Martin Baker

    Just working my way through the archive. A great show as always and I agree it is very strange how Apple chose to stick with the “Projects” name rather than just call them what they are – “Sequences”!

    I’m confused by something that Scott said around 37′ in though, where he thought it was not possible to be very precise when marking source clips. Surely he’s doing this from the keyboard with JKL and IO where you can be as precise as you can be in any other app?

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