FCG015 – 10.1 Beat Down (feat. Scott Simmons)


A brutally honest look at Final Cut Pro X. We try very hard not to be seen as “Fan Boys” at FCPX Grill so, ss we are known to do from time to time we take the gloves off and are completely honest and frank about misgivings and short comings of the application. Scott Simmons is extremely well versed in Avid, Adobe and Final Cut, both X and Classic. Because of this has a unique ability to see thru the hype, Scott can ask questions about functionality that very few people can.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Scott Simmons – http://www.scottsimmons.tv – @scottsimmons

7 thoughts on “FCG015 – 10.1 Beat Down (feat. Scott Simmons)

  1. rob essers

    Great Podcast, thanks for that. I am 60% on FCPX and 40% on Avid.
    Set In and Out in de timeline in Fcpx than delete to ripple the timeline or shift delete to replace with Gap. Select with the mouse the I and O in the timecode bar thats the trick.
    Just like in Avid 3 clicks. Not necessary to select the clips individual.

    My main problem like Scott in FCPX is to make a precise In and out point in the event browser like in Avid. It is a different feeling. I always have to adjust it in the timeline.
    Than it is head an tail trimming while playing. Audio is a problem, no plugins on tracks or you have to make a compound clip. I have to work in a storyline for VO work or Sound Effects otherwise it is a mess in the timeline. No mixing with hardware controllers. I am used to mix in ProTools. But the program is getting better each time the library with project versioning is a great step in the right direction.

    Greetings Rob

  2. Scott Simmons

    Thanks for those comments Rob.

    I don’t get what you’re saying about the ripple delete is still 3 clicks like Avid. If you have any connected clips or anything else connected earlier than where you’re setting that range selection then that stuff doesn’t get deleted. You still have to do the multiple steps that Chris outlined.

    1. rob essers

      Yes that’s right, in that situation I use Command Blade all set In point Blade all set Out point than delete to avoid selection clips.

      Greetings Rob

  3. rob essers

    Correction Blade all set – I point set O point than Blade all than you don’t loose your selection than delete.

    1. Scott Simmons

      But that’s still more than three steps as you have to use the blade all command. That was the point that it’s still more steps than it needs to be for such a common thing to do.

  4. canelson

    About the best way to “replace a word” in a clip. I use the idea Chris first talked about (connect and set audio to -96db for the old word), but… I select the clip I want to modify in my timeline, right click > open in timeline, and there I make the changes. So changes won’t add an extra layer and a very small audio clip to my full timeline. An extra step for something that should be very easy to do, but I won’t lose sync if I have to move things around.

    Great show, BTW!

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