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FCG018 – Welcome to the Garber Shop (feat. Michael Garber)

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So you think the “Share Menu” is amateur? You haven’t taken a close look at Auditions? Michael Garber, from the Garber Shop and I take a close look at these features in Final Cut Pro X and somehow we talk about the Videonics MX Pro and Peabody and his Boy Sherman, along the way. Are we dating ourselves?

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Michael Garber – michaelgarber.com – @michael Garber

Videonics MX Pro

Subjunctive Verbs

Michael’s a-ha Moment

On the Record: LA Vinyl

Keyboard Shortcuts from this Episode:

Option-Y – Makes an Audition of the Current Clip
Command-Shift-R – Show in Finder from the Timeline

Michael’s Suite

Michael Garber’s Folder Structure:

Michael Garber's Folder Structure