FCG018 – Welcome to the Garber Shop (feat. Michael Garber)


So you think the “Share Menu” is amateur? You haven’t taken a close look at Auditions? Michael Garber, from the Garber Shop and I take a close look at these features in Final Cut Pro X and somehow we talk about the Videonics MX Pro and Peabody and his Boy Sherman, along the way. Are we dating ourselves?

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Michael Garber – michaelgarber.com – @michael Garber

Videonics MX Pro

Subjunctive Verbs

Michael’s a-ha Moment

On the Record: LA Vinyl

Keyboard Shortcuts from this Episode:

Option-Y – Makes an Audition of the Current Clip
Command-Shift-R – Show in Finder from the Timeline

Michael’s Suite

Michael Garber’s Folder Structure:

Michael Garber's Folder Structure


One thought on “FCG018 – Welcome to the Garber Shop (feat. Michael Garber)

  1. avilla

    I’m still catching up with your episodes, but haven’t heard you talk about the dragging import shortcut keys because you always mention checking your import settings first. Instead of checking your import settings when you drag content into an event, just hold the keys like you would in Finder. I wish it would have dawned on me sooner, i guess i always reserved that to working in just the finder.

    Drag + Option = Copy (plus icon)
    Drag + Option + Command = Leave in place (shortcut icon).

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