DCC038 – The Real Thing – (feat. Julian King & Cassidy Gearhart)


Beautiful images, compelling story, and respectful collaboration. All the ingredients for success. This is not the first time Julien King and Cassidy Gearhart have collaborated and it shows. In this episode we take an in-depth look at the short documentary “The Real Thing” and break it down from the eyes of the Director/DP and the Editor.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean – @alexm13
Julian_King – www.thePublicRecord.tv
Cassidy Gearhart – @cassidygearhart

“In a Dream” about Jeremiah Zagar’s Father

Se7en Opening Titles

“Split Spiral” – A Sculpture by Ray King

“In Secret Agreement” – Julien and Cassidy’s Portfolio Sight

“Shining” – The Shining Parody

“We Got That B-Roll”