FCG032 – Artist Profile (feat. Tad Wagner)


Tad Wagner is an artist that inspires me. On this special episode of The Grill we’re going to do something a little different. I want you to meet one of my close friends who has inspired me for nearly 30 years. He’s a musician, a song songwriter, a painter, an editor and a photographer but most importantly he sees the world with a unique vision. We discuss the origins of “art” and find out what inspires my good friend Tad.

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Merchants of Cool – Mentioned by Chris about PBS Frontline Episode.

It Might Get Loud

Dennis Miller Quote

“It’s just television, it should be bad sometimes. When it goes wrong it should go really wrong, not just a low level wrong. When it goes wrong it should be horribly wrong and cause you to sit up in bed and say, ‘Honey wake up, Cher just called Letterman an asshole'”

Dennis Miller on “Later with Greg Kinnear”