FCG035 – A Premiere User Gets Grilled (feat. Steve Miller)


I wanted to call this episode, “Audio Comes After the Video” because I usually pick something the guest says that makes me chuckle but at the last minute I thought it would be better to let everyone know that Steve Miller is a hardcore Premiere user and self professed evangelist. There’s also a healthy dose of  “How to Wire a Podcast”  in the first few minutes but that is NOT what this episode is about. Steve Miller (not that one) is a MONSTER of an effects based editor. As owner of Steevco in Norther California, Steve travels all over the country doing, among other things, short turn around edits. Steve is also a hardcore Premiere user and I  thought it would be fun to chat about his choices and share some of mine.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Steve Miller – Steevco