FCG037 – Reality TV and FCPX (feat. Scott Markowitz)


Reality TV may be a natural fit for FCPX with its vast shooting ratios and the need to dig thru tons of material to find just the right sound bite to further the story along. Scott Markowitz tells how they are slowly adopting FCPX, one show at a time at Shooters Inc. in Philadelphia. We also get into the new paradigm that Motion has created and we discuss the difference between “Making an Effect”, which can be recycled and making a timeline in AE which is a single purpose solution.

Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Scott Markowitz – @scottmarkdaddy

Shooters Inc

Shooters TV

Big Smack

Dive – NYC

One thought on “FCG037 – Reality TV and FCPX (feat. Scott Markowitz)

  1. Martin Baker

    Another entertaining show.

    RE: viewing source timecode
    Not as good as a permanent display but if you select the Trim tool then the main timecode display changes to show the SOURCE timecode in the timeline as you skim over different clips.

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