FCG042 – Ripple Delete (feat. Steve Navrat)


Learning new software in a process. I’ve been wanting to talk with my friend Steve Navrat because recently he has gotten over that learning wall in FCPX that we talk about so much. If you want to new users perspective on Final Cut Pro X, this is a good episode to listen to.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Steve Navrat – You won’t find Navrat online.


3 thoughts on “FCG042 – Ripple Delete (feat. Steve Navrat)

  1. anickt

    Always enjoy the Grill! Thought I might be able to help out with a couple of things.

    Go to the Command Editor and search Color Board. There are your shortcuts. They just are not enabled.

    To tweak values with scroll wheel just click once on the value in the inspector and scroll away. Click twice to enter a value.

  2. anickt

    Forgot to add – for the scroll wheel option and shift are modifiers for finer and coarser control.

  3. Chris Weagel

    When pressing the Tab button in the Color Board you are provided with visual feedback as to which parameter is active. If you look at the number value, in the Exposure board for example, as you press tab, it will highlight blue letting you know that one is active and will be changed.

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