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FCG038 – Reflecting with The C47 (feat. Jem Schofield)

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A gifted trainer and prolific producer, Jem Schofield has been a power user of the Final Cut Suite for many years. A few months ago I caught wind that he was using FCPX and, given the prolific nature of his production training I guess it had never occurred to me to ask what edit platform he was using. Jem and I talk a lot about Motion and other workflow issues. We also may have discovered a recurring problem that a lot of FCPX users have been running into.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Jem Schofield – @theC47

“Reflecting and looking back and you see… it IS better, no matter how much you hated it.”

FCG037 – Reality TV and FCPX (feat. Scott Markowitz)

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Reality TV may be a natural fit for FCPX with its vast shooting ratios and the need to dig thru tons of material to find just the right sound bite to further the story along. Scott Markowitz tells how they are slowly adopting FCPX, one show at a time at Shooters Inc. in Philadelphia. We also get into the new paradigm that Motion has created and we discuss the difference between “Making an Effect”, which can be recycled and making a timeline in AE which is a single purpose solution.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Scott Markowitz – @scottmarkdaddy

Shooters Inc

Shooters TV

Big Smack

Dive – NYC

FCG036 – NAB with FCPX (feat. Sam Mestman and Michael Garber)

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NAB2014 recap of FCPX news. In this episode we met with Michael Garber and Sam Mestman. Michael and Sam were at NAB representing FCP Works and had finished two long days of demos and we got together in the DCC Hospitality Suite at 11PM to discuss what had been going on at the show. Sam gives us the rundown of the demo he was doing in the Red booth showing FCPX and Resolve and a roundtrip workflow.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Sam Mestman – @sammestman
Michael Garber – @garbershop


DCC045 – #DCCNAB2014

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On this episode we wrangled many of our past guests right off the show floor, as well as some listeners. The range of topics is too great to even begin to recall and this is a longer show then normal. If you don’t like what you are hearing give it a few minutes. there are TONS of guests.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean – @alexm13

Scott Simmons – @editblog – Pro Video Coalition
Rob Terry – @robterry
Paul Schneider – @lettershome
Josh Petok – @joshpetok – Coloristos
Randi Altman – @postperspective – Post Perspective
Jesse Averna – @Dr0id – #postchat
Tej Babra – @tejbabra – #postchat
Chris Marino @chrismarino – Sold Camera
Mike Woodworth – @divergent_media – Divergent Media
Dave Dugdale – @dugdale – Learning DSLR Video