FCG048 – It’s Cancer On Your Toast (feat. Anthony Baird)


“I’m Bobo Fett!” That’s what Anthony Baird feels like sometimes when he is trying to explain in HIS local production community why more people should be using FCPX. This is an interesting “ramble” where Anthony and I discuss Wag the Dog, Margarine, Public Opinion, Keyboard Shortcuts and I share my tip of what I like to call a “Dissolve Awning.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Anthony Baird – @gorillaprod


One thought on “FCG048 – It’s Cancer On Your Toast (feat. Anthony Baird)

  1. tpayton

    Great podcast. I really enjoy the conversation. It is interesting that you guys mentioned FCPX of being stripped of its non editorial features in this episode. I have actually found the opposite. I’m doing more compositing, keying, titling, nesting, tracking, etc, than I ever did in FCP classic. Before FCPX was released, I used to be in After Effects almost daily, and now I haven’t touched it for anything significant in nearly 2 years. A similar story with audio sweetening in SoundTrack/ProTools and dedicated work in Apple Color. However, I agree that many of the extraneous features in the App have been removed, but there is power there if you want it.

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