FCG051 – Paint the B-Roll, Donesies (feat. Jesse Spencer)


Jesse’s got mad chops and a LONG history in this business. He is known in the Bay Area as a “fixer” when you are stumped trying to get your project out the door, Jesse is the guy you go to. This is a long episode but Jesse is an extremely interesting dude. I thought about cutting it down but couldn’t pick anything to drop. So forgive me for taking so much of your time but I think you’ll enjoy Jesse Spencer.

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Jesse Spencer

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Jesse’s 2013 Demo Reel cut in FCPX


One thought on “FCG051 – Paint the B-Roll, Donesies (feat. Jesse Spencer)

  1. Charlie

    For what it’s worth, I know exactly what Jesse’s frustrations with music are, I had ’em too for a while. Drove me crazy. Then, like many things X, I had an “aha” moment. It’s all about using secondaries as “moveable but kinda-fixed tracks”. Maybe I’ll do a post about it on my widely ignored blog. 🙂 Great episode BTW.

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