FCG057 – Friday Office in the Pub (feat. Thomas Leroux)


Every Friday Thomas Leroux spends every friday sitting at a table in Patty Boland’s Pub in Ottawa. Somewhere along the way after listening to a few episodes of The Grill he decided to give FCPX a shot on one of his recurring projects. Listen in to see how successful he was. Also, we go into some good strategies about how to make your data secure and back it all up.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Thomas Leroux – @WTL

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Patty Boland’s Irish Pub

One thought on “FCG057 – Friday Office in the Pub (feat. Thomas Leroux)

  1. david mcsween

    Cool new episode Chris. I just went and grabbed Daisy Disk from the app store. Perhaps you could put software suggestions in the Mentioned box?

    I’m really loving the walks down memory lane, even if no FCPX appears!

    Keep it up mate!

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