FCG069 – So you wanna learn FCPX (feat. Chris Fenwick)


I’m just getting started here! Yea, that’s Al Pachino from Scent of a Woman but today we are talking to the brand new FCPX user and I’m going to walk you thru the main stumbling blocks and pitfalls that trip up someone who is brand new to the app. There is a healthy dose of, “This is how I do it”, but I also try to explain the other ways of working in Final Cut Pro X.  If you are a more advanced user and find this to basic, maybe you’ll be able to share it with the new users you know and get them up and going a little faster.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick

One thought on “FCG069 – So you wanna learn FCPX (feat. Chris Fenwick)

  1. eco_bach

    Lots of useful info Chris. Confused by your choice of using just a single Event per Library. Why not multiple events? Also, on the subject of archiving, do you recommend converting your library from externally managed to self contained?

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