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FCG074 – Avid in TV (feat. Austin Flack)

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Why is Avid entrenched in reality television? In the interest of  being fair and hearing both sides of every story, I invited Austin Flack to explain from the view point of a hollywood based reality TV editor why he thinks Avid will not soon be replaced as the editor of choice.

We talk a lot about the role of an Assistant Editor and what he means to a television editor. Chris gets fired up about cutting music at the subframe level and w e go deep into the trim controls in Avid verses FCPX and Chris probably alienates a LOT of editors with one of his statements.

This is a VERY interesting show but definitely checkout some of the links in the show notes.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Austin Flack – @austinflack

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