FCG086 – What I Did Last Summer (feat. Scott Simmons)


2.1 TB of ProRes LT on a 2 month long project, how did FCPX handle it. On this episode we are joined by our friend Scott Simmons and he gives us the low down, both good and bad on how Final Cut Pro X did on a large project with tons of media, many Events and several deliverables.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Scott Simmons – @editblog

The project Scott is discussing

3 thoughts on “FCG086 – What I Did Last Summer (feat. Scott Simmons)

  1. Steve M.

    Enjoyed listening to this episode! if I may chime in, the use of favorites in FCPX has one big flaw in that they’re non-overlapping. In many cases, favorites aren’t your best choice for tagging your footage. Compound clips and keywords can be over-lapped and also carry key metadata to the timeline, which can be seen in the timeline index. Favorites carry only the main clip metadata to the timeline, which again, may not be your best choice.

  2. Scott Simmons

    Good point Steve. On this job the non-overlapping Favorites weren’t ever an issue. In fact I remember that talk early when FCPX came out and I haven’t run into that being a show stopper on any job. But it would be nice if Favorites could overlap.

    I love the functionality of Compound Clips but I have the fact that once a batch of clips are in one you have no idea what’s in there, especially with audio. It was the same with old school nesting and I didn’t use that much either.

  3. Steve M.

    Break apart clip items. I’m sure you already know that it shows everything within a compound clip. What puzzles me is if I mark a favorite with a clip and name that favorite, then mark another favorite within the same clip, FCPX deletes the name of the previous favorite and defaults it back to favorite. That sucks! Maybe that’s changes with 10.1.3 I don’t know because I’m not running that version. And, in filmstrip mode if I re-name a marked favorite, it renames the entire clip. That sucks as well. I guess it’s safe to say favorites isn’t one of my favorites!!

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