FCG094 – Small Business – Big Money (feat. Andrew Coons)


Many outlets for video production exit. Today more then ever it is important to remember that our clients can share their productions that we help them create all over the web. In this episode of The Grill, Andrew Coons of Live Wire Films talks about his history with Avid, FCPX, Premiere, and how he ended up back at FCPX. We also discuss Apple Motion and why we should probably be taking a deeper look at this app.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Andrew Coons – @livewirefilms

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3 thoughts on “FCG094 – Small Business – Big Money (feat. Andrew Coons)

  1. Steve M.

    Great episode! FYI, the camera archive you can open, by “show package contents” then copy that media to another folder, enabling you to import that media and manage as external media.

  2. TorbenK

    In an Apple/Adobe mixed workflow it is essential to disable the “Write XMP IDs to Files on Import option” in the After Effects “Media & Disk Cache” preferences.

    All Adobe Apps write their own metadata to the header of the files they touch.
    If these files are linked in an FCP x or even 7 project, they are not relinkable even if the filename, reelname and timecode match.
    Thats because FCP identifies a quicktime file by its header and if the header gets changed FCP is unable to identify and relink.

    Thats maybe why the source footage got offline, while using ClipExpoter with AE.
    As soon as AE imported the footage and wrote its metadata to the header FCPx lost its link. It is not something Thomas from ClipExporter can change.

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