FCG097 – Allowing Mistakes to Happen (feat. Vid Price)


Music Videos are a unique genre that have their own needs and demands from an editor. Vid Price spends about 60% of his time cutting these short bits of art in London and he has come to the realization that FCPX is definitely his tool of choice. In this episode we talk about some sorting and filtering methods that we have NEVER touched on in this show and you’ll rethink the way you search for media in YOUR projects.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Vid Price – vidprice.com – @vidprice

Mentioned on Show:

Vid’s Mentor – Nicolas Wayman-Harris

The Kills  – The Last Goodbye – Directed by Samantha Morton

Screenshot Timelapse

Anatomy of an Edit – Time Lapse of a Television Editor

Chris’ Music Video in FCPX – 7 Lions – Born 2 Run




One thought on “FCG097 – Allowing Mistakes to Happen (feat. Vid Price)

  1. Steve M.

    Yet another great episode of the Grill! He’s right, I don’t understand his explanation of how he’s cutting a music video together. Perhaps I’ll listen again and try and grasp the concept he’s explaining! Although, I did think on this, how I would cut a music video together that had say 40 different recorded angles of the performance. What if you went through all the takes, made compound clips of all those selects, then re-synch all those to the master audio file, and fill in all the gaps? I don’t even know if you can synch a compound clip to an audio clip? Just a thought!

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