FCG099 – Speaking Persuasively!!! (feat. Charles Silverman)


There are so many aspects of FCPX to discuss and you can’t talk about it without delving into the Mac OS as well. Charles Silverman and I had a lot of Skype problems one night and re-recorded a few days later… and this is what you get… Honestly, it was better the first night.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Charles Silverman – @csilverman

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One thought on “FCG099 – Speaking Persuasively!!! (feat. Charles Silverman)

  1. Kenny Park

    The first example Charles gives in his FCPX transition feature request—the fading to black of one clip and a hard cut to the next—wouldn’t, I don’t believe, have occurred in FCP7 simply by virtue of being able to toggle whether the transition starts, ends or is centred at the cut point. FCP7 would still have dissolved between the two clips, presuming they had sufficient handles.

    In FCP7 (and Avid, come to that), you’d need a frame, at least, of a gap or slug for that effect. (You might have been able to close that gap after the fact in FCP7, I can’t remember.) The same is true of FCPX, and in the Secondary Storyline workaround Chris suggests, you could bring Clip A back to the Primary and preserve the effect if you extended the gap beneath it by a frame.

    I agree that, in general, you’re left to move the cut point as the only way of repositioning a dissolve, but the three options FCP7 gave you never precluded that—only Avid’s ‘make the transition x frames long and start y frames before the cut’ lets you have full control of its position without moving the cut.

    That said, this episode has inspired me to investigate the Precision Editor—something I’ve never felt the need to look at at all, despite using FCPX for pro jobs since 10.0.3.

    Great ep as usual, and I’ll try to tune into the Hangout on the 19th even though I’m on GMT.


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