FCG104 – FCPX Change Agent (feat. Ben Brodbeck)


14 Editors all moving to FCPX at once? Good idea or not? Ben Brodbeck, who works for a large company in Illinios (he’s not allowed to say which one) has been pushing to have their internal video department make the switch to FCPX and it looks like come January 2015, he’s gonna get his wish. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons and what Ben did in order to help switch peoples minds and make them take another look at Final Cut Pro X.

In addition to all this we also take a giant detour through the world of Media Asset Management (MAM) and discuss some workflow ideas that may help GREATLY reduce the amount of storage that this company has to budget for.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Ben Brodbeck – @benyzboy

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