FCG105 – Shop Talk (feat. Ben Consoli)


Looking back on 2014 Ben Consoli and I touch on many topics. Hard drive tech and performance, Motion Graphics and tracking technology, Viral Marketing and we touched on the work of Tony Zhou. So much was discussed and covered in this freeform end of the year meltdown. Happy New Year from DCC and FCPX Grill!

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Ben Consoli – @benconsoli

Mentioned on Show:

Volvo and Jean Claude Van Dam 

Elite Pro Dual otherworld computing – just wasn’t the speed Ben wanted

G-Tech G-Pro

Stranger Than Fiction Opening

The work of Tony Zhou

One thought on “FCG105 – Shop Talk (feat. Ben Consoli)

  1. loganhighlen

    Hey Chris,

    Not sure if you have had time to research this but I just listened to this episode and was reminded of the G-Drive Pro and its witchcraft ways. I spoke to a G-tech representative last NAB and they described to me what was actually going on inside the drive.

    There are four 2.5″ HDDs configured in a hardware RAID 0 attributing to its great performance. Because it is internally hardware raided, the OS only sees it as one who drive while traditional RAID 0 G-drives are visible in Disk Utility.

    Hope this answers the question, thanks for the show!

    P.S. here is a link that describes the G-Drive Pro:


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