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FCG119 – Video Literacy & 3D Text (feat. Alex Gollner)

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Trying to figure out Apple Marketing is tough. Alex Gollner and I try to decipher what happened at NAB 2015 and take a close look at what the new 3D Text in Final Cut Pro X and Motion really mean and ask the question, Do we really need it?

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com@chrisfenwick
Alex Gollner – alex4d.com@alex4d

Audio Editing with Chris Fenwick and Dave Dugdale

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On the tails of NAB 2015, Dave Dugdale of the newly rebranded learningvideo.com site asked Chris to go over one of his pieces and try to add a little extra work on the audio soundtrack. In other words, what can be done to make a piece of music fit a piece a little bit better. We’ll loop sections, cut sections and maybe even negotiate a slight re-edit with Dave to make things land a bit better with the track.

NAB 2015 – Philip Hodgetts on Lumberjack

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At NAB 2015 Chris Fenwick was asked to host a series of presentations sponsored by FCPWORKS at the Renaissance Hotel. In this presentation Philip Hodgetts of Lumberjack goes thru an in-depth overview of how he can log footage in a real-time manner and bring that information into FCPX thru XML and apply it to your footage.