FCG120 – Million Dollar Tesla Trip (feat. Steve Sasman)


20,000 in 4 months. In an ELECTRIC CAR!!! Steve Sasman may be a bit crazy but what is even MORE crazy is that until I cornered the guy on Meerkat, he was going to cut all of his video blogs during the “Million Dollar Tesla Trip” in Screenflow. I talked Steve into meeting me on Skype on a Sunday afternoon so we could discuss somethings that would help him get thru the VIDEO portion of his trip. As for the driving and dealing with Charging the car up, I am NO help.

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Chris Fenwick – chrisfenwick.com – @chrisfenwick
Steve Sasman – milliondollarteslatrip.com – @stevesasman

Mentioned on Show:

(things Steve is going to want on his road trip)

G-Drive Thunderbolt

Rode Smart Lav

Rode “breakout box” (very interesting product I found after the show was recorded)