FCG141 – Hardware Add-Ons & Stuff (feat. Scott Simmons)


Spilled drinks, spilled ideas, and a lot of “old man chat”. Scott Simmons is one of the editors that I respect the most. He is not tied to any ONE application and routinely moves between Avid, Premiere, AND FCPX. This ability of his gives him a very good outlook on the capabilities of Final Cut. We also spend a little but of time discussing a blob post of Scott’s from nearly 10 years ago where he outlined some features that he wanted Final Cut “Classic” to have, some of which ARE in FCPX and some have made it into Premiere.

There’s also a healthy amount of hardware talk about add-ons that may make your edit experience better.

Discussed on the show:

Video Conferencing Software – Zoom.us – you gotta check this out.

Upgrading your NLE article by Scott

NLE of the “Future” post from 2007 –

MotionVFX templates

X-Keys hardware buttons to run your Mac

Pallette Gear hardware buttons, knobs and faders.

Contour Design

Contour Roller Mouse

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