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FCG146 – Pre-Smart (feat. T. Payton)

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Have you ever wanted to work smarter and enjoy your job more? T. Payton, Albuquerque based Art Director and FCPX editor is passionate about this. In this episode of The Grill we discuss many ways to improve our workflow and just plain “be nicer” to our computers.

Discussed in this Episode

T.’s Website – tpayton.com

Making FCPX Faster – Frame.io blog. –

FCPX 10.2.3 Creating Scrolling Ending Credits

“Trashing your Preferences in FCPX” – Command-Option while you launch the app.

Video Blocks

Is this an ad for Izotope RX?? –

Neat Video video noise cleaner –

Flicker Free Digital Anarchy –

FCPX 10.2.1 VFX & Repair Workflow

Movie Slate electronic slate and shot logger.

11 Most Common Problems


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