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FCG150 – Water on the Floor (feat. Michael Cioni)

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Every once in a while you run across a voice that resonates. I’m not talking about a great singer but the voice of a great thinker. Michael Cioni of Lightiron and Panavision is one of those voices. For over a decade he has been branching out, reaching out and grasping at the big ideas that everyone else has been desperately trying to follow. It is a pleasure to be able to get an hour of his time and chat with him about our business, our tools, and the future.

Michael Stuff you should check out.

The original video that caught MY attention. 

His TEDx Talk

Panavision acquires Lightiron

Michael covered on

What Lightiron does

Live Play 3 will blow your mind!

Panavision and Red join forces to create an 8K Monster


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A special thanks to Tony Gallardo @Tomiga2 for the tireless work of trying to wrangle my schedule and make this happen.
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