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FCG158 – FCPX Events – Part 1 (feat. Scott Simmons)

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The Final Cut Pro X file structure is often complained about and rarely fully understood but one part is probably the MOST confusing and that is the Event. What is an event? How should it be used? In a white paper published recently by Apple, they described the event like this.

FCPX Media Management White Paper – https://images.apple.com/final-cut-pro/docs/Media_Management.pdf

“An event is similar to a folder that can hold clips and projects. You can easily copy or move clips and projects between events to organize them. An event might represent a day of shooting, an episode of a dramatic series, a location in a reality show, a portion of a wedding such as the reception or ceremony, or a series of edited projects.

Using an event as a “collection” that can be handed o to another editor or an assistant on the team is a good use of the library model. For example, an assistant editor can create an event for a day’s dailies and hand this over to the primary editor, and the editor can create an event containing the cuts for a scene or reel of a movie to hand back to the assistant. “

On this episode I’m talking with Scott Simmons from Nashville and we’ll hear how Scott uses Events in his daily workflow.

Kyno by Less Pain software. This is the utility that Scott mentions that he uses to keyword footage before he imports into FCPX.