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Building a Remote Edit Suite

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After arriving on Maui for a weeks worth of work Chris needed to transform his hotel room into a suitable workspace. In this video he chronicles all of the decisions that he made to come up with the final work environment he created. This was all shot on an iPhone 6 Plus and I cut it in iMovie on the iPhone.

Audio Editing with Chris Fenwick and Dave Dugdale

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On the tails of NAB 2015, Dave Dugdale of the newly rebranded site asked Chris to go over one of his pieces and try to add a little extra work on the audio soundtrack. In other words, what can be done to make a piece of music fit a piece a little bit better. We’ll loop sections, cut sections and maybe even negotiate a slight re-edit with Dave to make things land a bit better with the track.

NAB 2015 – Philip Hodgetts on Lumberjack

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At NAB 2015 Chris Fenwick was asked to host a series of presentations sponsored by FCPWORKS at the Renaissance Hotel. In this presentation Philip Hodgetts of Lumberjack goes thru an in-depth overview of how he can log footage in a real-time manner and bring that information into FCPX thru XML and apply it to your footage.

DCC Midnight Meetup

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We are excited to be meeting some of you at 11:59PM (because we didn’t know if Midnight was AM or PM) at the Pool Table in the Cosmopolitan Casino. You’ll find it up on the 3rd floor, near the sushi restaurant. This is going to be a really casual meeting. #NAB2015 #DCCMeetup We’ll see you then.