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DCC062 – Mastering The Process of Creation (feat. Peter Livolsi)

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From film school, to commercial director to subtle effects masterpiece, Peter Livolsi has an interesting story. Leonard in Slow Motion is a 9 Minute short film with some truly astonishing effects work that you may never think about until its pointed out to you. In this discussion we hear about Peter’s background as well as some breakdowns of some specific shots in this Vimeo Staff Pick favorite.

Chris Fenwick –
Alex MacLean – @alexmaclean_
Peter Livolsi –

Leonard in Slow Motion

DCC061 – NAB 2015 Wrap Up (feat. Chris & Alex)

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NAB 2015 was huge and Alex and Chris offer up their unique brand of “news” (with a very lower case “N”). We discuss some of the over all trends of NAB and look at what they mean for the industry as a whole. We also recap what happened at the First Annual DCC Meetup held at the Cosmopolitan and discuss the future of that event.

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Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean – @alexmaclean_

Black Magic Video Assist

Black Magic Designs Micro Cinema Cameras

Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro Scout

Zacuto EVF

Red Weapon

Red Weapon Pricing

Red User

Convergent Design

Fenwick’s Meerkat Audio Cable

Fenwick’s Meer-Clamp

DCC060 – NAB and Social Media (feat. Chris and Alex)

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NAB is a completely different event with the addition of Social Media. Chris and Alex talk about how to navigate the different social media tools and how we plan on covering NAB this year in Vegas. We’ll touch on Some of the new features of Snapchat, as well as take a look at Meerkat for instantaneous live streaming.. We also have a brief discussion about Geo-Location and social media and how that changes the landscape. Alex discusses the new DJI Drone package and we touch on what that means to digital film making. The DCC Late Night NAB Meetup is officially announced and we look forward to seeing you there.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean – @alexm13

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Snapchat – Snapchat Murders Facebook

Meerkat – Live Video Streaming from your iPhone

Geo Based Social Media – YikYakWhisper

NAB Meetup details #DCCMeetup


DCC059 – The Good, Fast, Cheap Paradigm (feat. Alex & Chris)

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We catch up and discuss The Good, Fast, Cheap Paradigm and discuss whether it is even possible in todays production environment. Are producers demanding too much from their vendors? Is it possible to stay afloat in todays business world? Chris and Alex talk about their tricks to staying ahead of the game in an increasingly hostile production community.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean – @alexm13

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Life after Pi

Rhythm and Hues

Michael Cioni Live Play 3

Hanson – Taking the Walk

Kenny Stoff on DCC002

Dave Valencic on DCC016

Leica D Lux 6

DCC058 – That Jump off the Diving Board (feat. Joel McCarthy)

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“Get famous or die trying.” – Joel McCarthy Just wanted to make a film that he thought was funny. However the subject matter was a little out there so he decided that if its going to be unbelievably bad or horrible… as long as one character calls him out its ok to do the worst thing possible. In this episode we’ll follow the journey that Joel took from the inception of a short film into the execution and completion of a feature length project, all completed for an ultra low budget.

In the wrap up at the end of the show Alex goes into an explanation of how a theatrical DCP works and why you need them.

Chris Fenwick – – @chrisfenwick
Alex MacLean – @alexm13
Joel McCarthy – @joel_mccarthy

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